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Stalk Destruction

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Lien Lists

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This list is made available only to registered potential first handlers of cotton in order to comply with federal and state law regarding the establishment of a valid lien on the commodity. This list contains sensitive information and is confidential. Due to the confidential nature of this list and the limited purpose for which it may be used, any disclosure, copying, or distribution of the sensitive information contained in this list is strictly prohibited. If you are in possession of this list and are not an authorized recipient, please contact the Assessments Department at TBWEF at (800) 687-1212 for further instructions.

The lien list contains names of producers in those eradication zones that have reached their statutory lien date. Producers' names from other eradication zones will be added to this list when their liens become effective, per the statute. The following list shows the assessment notification date and the statutory lien date for each zone:

Zone Certfication Date 2% Discount Date Due Date Anticipated Lien Date
LRGV May 15 August 12 August 26 September 24

To access the lien list, click the button below. The lien list is available as a text file or an Excel file for your convenience.

Lien List

Please contact the Assessments Department at TBWEF with any questions. Our toll-free number is (800) 687-1212


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