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2015 Program Year End Summary

Boll weevil eradication activities were carried out in all Texas and eastern New Mexico cotton fields, on a total of approximately 5.08 million certified land cotton acres. For the year, only two zones reported weevil captures. Boll weevil captures occurred in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) and the South Texas Winter Garden (STWG) zones.

Beginning in 2015, program operations in eleven West Texas eradication zones were combined into one Maintenance Area. Those eleven zones, now part of the West Texas Maintenance Area (WTMA), are: Southern Rolling Plains (SRP), El Paso/Trans Pecos (EPTP), St. Lawrence (STL), Permian Basin (PB), Rolling Plains Central (RPC), Western High Plains (WHP), Southern High Plains/Caprock (SHPC), Northern Rolling Plains (NRP), Northern High Plains (NHP), Northwest Plains (NWP) and Panhandle (PH). The remaining zones, South Texas Winter Garden (STWG), Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV), Upper Coastal Bend (UCB), Southern Blacklands (SBL) and Northern Blacklands (NBL), continue to operate individually.

West Texas Zones (WTMA)

In the West Texas zones (WTMA), 2015 proved to be another excellent year for boll weevil eradication. In the 4.6 million land acres that make up the 11 West Texas zones in 2015, there were no boll weevils captured and there were no acres treated. All 11 West Texas zones have been declared eradicated. Beginning in 2015, assessments will be collected on a per bale basis in the West Texas Maintenance Area.

South and East Texas Zones

The South and East Texas zones planted approximately 479,000 acres in 2015, down from approximately 889,682 acres in 2014. The LRGV and STWG zones were the only zones in the United States to capture weevils in 2015. As of December 20th, the LRGV zone had captured 147,746 boll weevils, compared to 44,969 weevils captured in 2014. These captures were primarily located near the Rio Grande River and adjacent to Mexico. The LRGV treated acreage in 2015 was 441,212 acres. An area of reproduction was also discovered in a field near Dilley (STWG) very late in the season and is presumed to be a result of migration out of the LRGV. Five other fields located downwind of this infestation have captured weevils but no reproduction has been discovered in these fields. A total of 72 weevils were captured in STWG during 2015. The last time a boll weevil was captured in STWG was in 2012. STWG, NBL, SBL and UCB have been declared functionally eradicated. The LRGV remains in quarantine status.


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